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Private Mortgage Lenders – Pacific 8 Pty Ltd

Pacific 8 was established in 2015 to provide private mortgage loans to a range of borrowers across the Australian Eastern seaboard. To date, Pacific 8 has extended over $400 million of credit through first and second registered mortgages as well as Caveat Loans.

Pacific 8 offers quick approvals, straight forward and streamlined procedures and moderate interest rates that are based and assessed on risk.

Pacific 8 currently operates under an AFSL (Australia Financial Services License) and is controlled by a RM (Responsible Manager).

We operate under an Australian Financial Service Licence No. 480508.

Lending Standards

Conservative lending standards have been adopted by Pacific 8 to reduce systematic risk. These include:

  • Registered first and or second mortgages
  • Deeds of priority
  • Caveats to protect against pending formal registration
  • Account Management with The Mortgage Office™ Software
  • Experienced Management Team
  • Controlled by an ASIC approved Responsible Manager
  • Maximum Loan to Value Ratio of 75%
  • Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)
  • No consumer lending
  • Personal & Corporate Guarantees
  • ASIC Compliant

Mortgage Loans and Management

Pacific 8 will consider the following:  1st registered mortgages, 2nd registered and unregistered mortgages, Caveat loans, Equity loans – all being secured over residential, commercial, retail and/or industrial real estate assets.

It is important to note that all loans are assessed by Pacific 8 internal credit committee and all documentation is verified by our lawyers and vetted by our responsible manager before a loan can be settled.

Interest rates are set by Pacific 8, having regard to factors such as the prevailing market rates, the type of loan, the nature of the security provided, the loan terms and conditions, the identity of the Borrower (including loan servicing and credit record) and other matters that Pacific 8 may consider relevant.With an experienced management in place however, you are assured of speedy approval and processing of your loan.


Amounts: $200,000.00 to $25Million
Loan Terms: 3 to 24 months – depending upon the borrowers requirement
Interest Rates: Starting at a very competitive 8.5% pa
Interest: Paid in advance out of loan advance and or monthly.
Location: Metropolitan and major cities across the Australian Eastern seaboard.
Security:  Real property supported by registered mortgages and caveats
Valuations:  An independent valuation may be required
LVR:Loan to value ratios up to 75% are considered

Private Mortgage Lending

Borrowers can apply for a mortgage loan for business or investment purposes with a fixed interest rate secured over residential, commercial, retail and/or industrial real estate assets. The mortgage loans are made to many different borrowers for a variety of business and investment purposes and the decision to approve a loan for offering to Borrowers is undertaken by Pacific 8 and reviewed by its Credit Committee in accordance with its AFSL lending guidelines. Pacific 8 extends credit through both First and Second registered mortgages as well as Caveat Loans with loan terms between 3 – 12 months, depending on the borrower’s requirements.

Loan Management

Pacific 8 uses an internal software which was developed to specifically assist specialist finance providers including those in wholesale mortgage lending, to utilise an integrated system that allows for quick expedition of transactions and ongoing monitoring whilst allowing capital providers and borrowers monthly reports on their outstanding loans. The Management system allows full transparency and flexibility with borrowers payments, outstanding balances including all fees and charges itemised.

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