Private Mortgage

Pacific 8 Pty Ltd has built its business around Private Mortgage lending and offer a range of Private Mortgages such as First Ranking Mortgages, Second Ranking Mortgages, unregistered as well as Caveat Loans.

A Private Mortgage is traditionally funded from a private lender instead of a bank or non-bank lender. If your bank or lender has declined to proceed, or doesn’t have the turnaround times suitable Pacific 8 Pty Ltd may be able to offer you a “Private Mortgage”.

When assessing a “Private Mortgage” application we primarily look at the underlying asset being real property. If there is sufficient equity in the security we look more at the asset rather than the previous issues the borrower may of had.

Latest Funded Private Mortgage:

Loan Amount $1,350,000
Security Type Residential/Rural
Valuation $2,800,000
Purpose purchase business
LVR 48%
Term 9mths

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