First Registered Mortgage

With First Registered Mortgage’s, money is lent to a person borrowing against the security over the real property such as residential, commercial, industrial or rural land. Interest can be paid monthly in advance or for an agreed longer term in advance. Valuations are normally determined by a registered valuer as instructed by Pacific 8 Pty Ltd and depending on the size of the loan, money may be pooled with money from other investors/lenders. The maximum amount lent will not exceed 75% of the value of the property mortgaged.

Pacific 8 Pty Ltd offers Private First Ranking Registered Mortgages secured against real property such as residential, commercial and industrial.

Latest Funded First Registered Mortgage:

Loan Amount: $3,750,000.00
Loan Type: Residential 1st Mortgage
Purpose:  To assist borrower with refinance current 1st Mortgage prepaid interest and fees
LVR: 60%
Loan term: 8 Months
Settled in 8 days